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Feel like you haven’t been told the truth about Real Estate Investing?

I have!

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that anyone has lied to you on purpose, but there are lots of prevailing myths in the Real Estate Investing industry. Here are the top three that I hear most often:

#1: “I can’t invest in real estate because I have bad credit.”

The REAL TRUTH is that you CAN be an investor with bruised credit! It’s always a great idea to work on repairing your credit, but there are private and hard money lenders that will lend based on the deal or asset you present to them, rather than just your credit score. While it’s possible that bad credit can bump up your interest rates a bit, it does NOT exclude you from getting started in investing!

#2: “Real estate investors need to have LOADS of cash to get started.” The REAL TRUTH: No, you don’t! It is absolutely true that you need to have ACCESS to some money. But there are lots of creative ways to make that happen. Find a joint venture partner, a hard money lender, or a private lender! In some types of investing, like wholesaling, you don’t necessarily NEED a whole lot of cash to put down on properties. In short, real estate investing can be as creative as you are, and you DON’T have to have loads of cash lying around.


#3: “I can’t invest in Real Estate when I don’t even own my own home yet.” 

The REAL TRUTH: You don’t have to own your own home to get started in investing! On the contrary, Real Estate Investing can help you purchase the house of your DREAMS! Plus, learning what to look for in properties and deals as an investor will help you make savvy decisions as a first-time home buyer.

What other Real Estate Investing MYTHS are you buying into? 

Our team at Step Off The Edge REI wants to help you find out!

We are passionate about educating Real Estate Investors, and helping them move past their roadblocks into ACTION!

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