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The 5 Myths of Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

What myths are holding YOU back from becoming a powerful real estate investor?


1. I must own my own house before I invest in real estate..

TRUTH…YOU can invest in Real Estate at any point in time and can actually use it to help you buy the dream home of your life!


2. I must have a GREAT credit score to begin doing real estate investing…

THE REAL TRUTH…YOU can invest in Real Estate with bruised credit!

There are private and hard money lenders who will lend on a deal for you as they base their decisions on the property deal itself, NOT on your credit score. While they may review your score, that is more for setting your interest rates.



3. I must have money to invest in real estate…

THE REAL TRUTH…YOU don’t have to have the money; you only have to have ACCESS to the money and/or a JV partner!



4. I don’t know how to rehab, so I cannot flip a house..

THE REAL TRUTH…YOU don’t need to know how to rehab, you just need a good, reliable contractor who does…


5.  The state of the economy and what might happen with it WILL impact my real estate investments NEGATIVELY, so I need to jump in at just the right time. For example, the stock market might crash and will tank my investments in real estate.

THE REAL TRUTH…If YOU invest with the correct analysis and criteria in place and do it wisely, YOU CAN invest and make money no matter what the state of the economy! There will NEVER really be just the right time, but there IS ALWAYS just the right deal! Investing wisely will protect you on down turns.

Remember, investing in real estate can be done in many forms and YOU can do it too!

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